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Brush Fires
Posted on Feb 7th, 2020
Recently our development has had two incidents of unattended brush fires.  While permits were secured from the US Department of Forestry, they were unattended and post the risk of getting out of control with the potential to cause havoc and damage to our development, especially in a time of dry leaves and higher winds.
Please help in doing your part to obtain a burn permit (depending on the conditions they might not be issued) and ALWAYS make sure they are attended until fully put out.
Scott Gregory
Vice President, NSPOA
Community Announcements
Respect the Property of Others
By Scott Gregory on March 9, 2020
With 9 new homes either under construction or soon to be, we have had a couple incidents of damage to the property by visitors to the lots. Please be respectful of others and do not go on other peoples property without permission. In addition, lots under construction may be dangerous and we certainly do not want anyone to be hurt.

Thank you for your consideration and respect for others.

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