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General PC Questions
Website Questions
  • chevron_right1 - Why do I need to Register on the Website?
    • To create your Property Owner Profile
    • To obtain your Username and Password
    • We communicate with Property Owners via email addresses provided
    • You maintain and update information in your Owner Profile online.
    • Choose to be included in our Owner's Online Directory.
  • chevron_right2 - Do I need to Login to the Website?
    • Yes, if you are a Norris Shores Property Owner.
    • Yes, to access website areas available only for registered Property Owners
    • Click the "Remember Me" box to skip future login steps (until you click "Logout").
  • chevron_right3 - Can I change the Username or Password I was emailed?
    • Yes. You can change information in your Owner Profile, anytime.
    • When you Login, your name will display above "Welcome" on the top left side of the home page.
    • Select "Your Profile" to review the information you provided.
    • You may change your username and  password to something you prefer.
    • Be sure to login with your new username or new password.
    • If you forget your password, click on the "Forgot Password" link on the login screen and it will be sent to the email address you in your Profile.
  • chevron_right4 - How do I receive RSS feeds from Norris Shores?
    Overview: RSS feeds allow people to receive alerts on their computer when new items are added to the website. Notifications appear in the visitor's chosen RSS reader software. This helps people stay informed of new additions to the website without having to first visit the website.
    RSS Feeds are available for Community Announcements, Homes for Sale, News Articles, and Upcoming Events.
    RSS is not a requirement for our website visiors. We do not provide support for helping visitors with the RSS software on their computer. We recommend that you do a web search for instructions that are specific to your software environment.