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Norris Shores
Make Payments Online

Make Payments to Norris Shores with Credit/Debit Cards via PayPal.
A PAYPAL ACCOUNT IS NOT REQUIRED to submit your payment.
  1. Enter amount to be paid to Norris Shores in the applicable category.
  2. Enter a brief description.
  3. Click "Next Step" to review your payment total.
  4. A processing fee is charged by PayPal.
  5. Click the PayPal button to proceed.
On PayPal's webpage:
  • A PayPal account is NOT REQUIRED to submit a payment.
  • Select "Don't have a PayPal Account" to pay with Credit/Debit Card.
  • Select your payment method.

1) Property Owner Association Dues - Amount $
  • $95 /yr per lot
    Enter Lot #(s) in Description Box on bottom of page
2) Advertising - Amount $
  • Web and Newsletter Package - $100 Annual Fee
    Enter Advertiser's Name in Description Box on bottom page.
3) Misc - Amount $
  • Enter Payment Description on bottom of page.
4) One Time Special Assessment Dues - Amount $
5) Dock Lift Deposits - $ 500.00