Norris Lake Clean-up
Posted on Apr 2nd, 2012

From Union County Chamber of Commerce:
It was a great day on the water Saturday, March 31st!  Sunset Bay had 22 volunteers and collected 104 bags of garbage and ran out of bags by 11A.  The Beach Island group was made up of 10 volunteers who collected over 111 bags of garbage including 17 tires, furniture and toilets; The Norris Shores group totaled 10 people who collected 18 tires, mulitple large propane tanks, furniture and 40 bags of garbage,  and the Hickory Star group had a large turnout and we are waiting on their report, as well as the community of Black Fox.

Thank you to everyone that participated!!!!!!   
Comment By: Dave Ulivi
Posted on Apr 14, 2012

I am currently just a landowner, but I have to ask. where in the heck does all this garbage come from? Are people really that inconsiderate. I know I answered my own question but really? thanks