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Norris Shores Annual Cleanup  -  2013
First Three Saturdays in March
March 17, 2013
From Melissa 
Beautification Committee

The 2013 Annual Norris Shores Cleanup is now history.  We had terrific turn out this year, even the first week in the snow.  A great big thanks goes out to all who participated.  I'd estimate nearly 10 miles of road were cleaned, some obviously were untouched for years.   Small side streets were included this year as well as nearly all of Norris Shores Rd and Lakeview Dr.  The development is in good shape fire wise, approximately 280 man hours are logged.  Special thanks go to those who were knowledgeable enough to fix the chipper when we broke it, jammed it repeatedly this last weekend (you know who are).  The Norris Shores community thanks the following: Tom Orlin (chipper hauler for the last four years), the rest is in no order, Mike Haugen, Mike and Susan Grecco, Mike Foley, Herman Emmel, Chris Brooks, Ken and Shirley McRithchie, Steve and Gayetta Cox, Newt Wine, Hezzie Samons, Dave Baily, Bill Crook, Tammy Thomas, Devoy Brunson, Don Sussex, Mike Adams, Tom Sims, Craig Carringer, Bob and Carolyn Shields, Ralph Schick, Rob Price, Ron and Lorretta Pameijer, Tim Sando, Pat Hurleuy, Bob Swisher, Bob Grubbs, Sandy Manter , Fran Adams, Fred and Juli Graham, Nancy Staar, Buddy Warwick and Scott Gregory.  Folks we do good work and are a great community.  LET'S KEEP IT UP!!!  If I omitted anyone I am sorry, not my intent.  Signing in is important and I am not good at it.  Again thanks to all who came out to play. View a photo album of this years activities.  Click 'view slideshow'.


Shake the winter blahs, get a little exercise, meet your neighbors and do a good deed all at the same time! Participate in the Saturday clean ups in Norris Shores. As a result of the whims of Mother Nature & PVEC - we have much more to do this year.
FOCUS: General clean up of litter, debris, brush/tree remains at Marina and along subdivision roads.
Bring gloves and wear sturdy shoes. Any of the following will also be helpful: trailers that can be used to haul roadside debris; chainsaws; loppers for pruning vegetation. We may have chipper available at the Marina and hopefully to use throughout the subdivision.       
There is something every person can do to help regardless of your physical condition.
Chairperson: Melissa Benefiel 865-278-3758
 Darlene Wine and Carolyn Shields

Julie and Fred Graham with Darlene Wine



.   Pat Hurley and Tom Sims take a breather.







We had a wonderful turn out for our first Saturday and got quite a lot accomplished. The wood chipper has gone mobile, which has made it easier for brush removal and we may be adding a second chipper to the venue. I’ll keep you posted.
But we still need your help!
There is much more to do. We will continue to chip along road sides and the work at the marina progresses. There is something for everyone to do. Thanks again to all who participated last Saturday and if you didn’t ... WHY NOT?
We had a great time and the feeling of accomplishment is awesome.
So come join the party.
Melissa Benefiel