Upcoming Events

Union County Farmers Market
05/09/20 to 10/03/20, 10:00 am - 1:00 pm at Wilson Park, Maynardville
Union County Farmers Market
We hope you have been following our facebook page and already have the opening date on your calendar. We are opening at 10:00.  Many of your favorite vendors will be there and we are excited!  Market will look a little different however.  During these unprecedented times, we will be working hard to keep everyone involved as safe as possible. We understand that one of the reasons you attend the market is your interest in fresh, healthy food that is locally produced.  An open air farmers market is the best possible place to shop in these times! You will find tents are much farther apart tomorrow and all of the vendors will be wearing face masks.  We would like to encourage you to wear one also.
Please help us with the following:
If it is not necessary for everyone in the family to attend, try to limit those in attendance to the one doing the shopping.  We’d love to see the entire family, but that may not be the safest at this point in time. 
Try to bring $1 and $5 bills if possible.  The vendors are trying not to recirculate money. You will most likely be putting your money in a container and, if you need change, it will be from the vendors uncirculated box.